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iOS games
by Tutorials

Learn how to make games with Apple's new framework SpriteKit from the Ray Wenderlich Team & friends!

Sprite Kit is the first Apple framework completely dedicated to creating games! And boy does it pack tons of great features! So many that you can get lost if you don't have a simple and effective guide.

The Ray Wenderlich tutorial team that created the biggest Cocos2D learning resource, now brings you on speed with Sprite Kit quickly and easily.

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With "iOS games by Tutorials" you will:

  • ★ develop several mini-games from scratch
  • ★ use the great game art and sounds provided with the book
  • ★ learn how to implement physics in your game (physics drive games like Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, and much more)
  • ★ create iOS7 code using the latest and greatest Objective-C features
  • 1,000+ pages of content
  • ★ pre-order now and get the PDF as soon as Apple lifts the iOS7 NDA!
  • ★ a top bargain!

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If you are still not sure, just read what some of the previous books' readers had to say:

What people say about the books of the iOS Tutorial Team:

"I bought this book last year and it's the single best resourse I have to help with my code." bondy1k

"When someone ask me about good iOS development resources... my answer for later this year: "Go to Raywenderlich.com, do all the tutorials, buy the DAMN books and watch the official WWDC screencasts." Vinnie1991

"... can we pre-order?" cbearman


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